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AuditAdvanced - Silent Update Wizard

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Written by Jonathan Millar, Product Manager (Audit)

2020 saw the release of our Silent Update Wizard utility within our AuditAdvanced solution, the wizard is designed to assist Advanced Users or System Administrators in performing tasks, in bulk, on AuditAdvanced engagement files.

Such tasks include:-

  • Year-end-close routines
  • Template update (Functionality and document update only)
  • Health Checks
  • Year-end-close and Template update combined

Users can complete these tasks outside of usual working hours and set time limits to run certain tasks, therefore, improving efficiency.


Users can easily review the status of each file by having the ability to view reports before and after applying the tasks.

Running the report before applying the tasks will indicate yo users which engagement files will be updated and those that won’t, together with a brief explanation of the reasons why not.

The user can also deselect individual engagement files from the update process from the list.

The second report, available after the process has been completed, will identify which engagement files were successfully updated and which ones were not.

Webinar and contact details

A webinar introducing the main features of the utility is available on our Knowledge Base and can be found here:

If you would like a copy of this utility and the user guide or for further information, please contact our Technical Support Department on (+44) 01622 355250, or use the Chat function on our Knowledge Base