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Boosting efficiency with accounting automation software

The old days when accounting involved sitting at a desk filling out paperwork for tax and expenses reports, or inputting numbers into a spreadsheet are long gone.

Modern business moves much faster now and the need to be efficient and flexible have increased hugely in the last few years.

Now, it is necessary for accountants and those within a business' finance team to be able to not only be efficient at their desk, but be able to work from anywhere while maintaining the ability to work collaboratively with a wider team.

Accounting technology and digital platforms are making this possible and helping firms and practitioners be far more efficient.


While individuals may need to work out of the office, the need for teams to remain connected and collaborate on work has not changed. It may have become more challenging; but using technology to ensure siloes are not created can help to overcome this problem.

For instance, tools which can take advantage of the Cloud to automatically sync work within a central point so it can be worked on by employees both in and out of the office, promotes the kind of efficiency firms need to deliver good service to their clients - but can also help remove the administrative burden of dealing with paperwork, with everything taken care of and managed electronically.

Connect across platforms

While Word and Excel may not be the primary sources for inputting information in today's cloud, collaboration-based workplace, they still maintain a place in the accounting sphere.

But with this comes the reality that information will be stored in different locations, and then duplicated into a central file. However, new accounting platforms - like CaseWare Connector - can be linked to Excel workbooks and Word document - so that the latest information is always present.

Removing the need to re-key data from one location to another also removes the potential for human errors and increases the chance that information is always correct.

Better use of time and reduced costs

By using systems and tools which allow for better integration across platforms and enable employees to work collaboratively on documents whether they are working in the office or out in the field, accounting firms and practitioners can achieve the kind of efficiency which will allow them more time to work with clients and build relationships - rather than being buried in repetitive tasks and paperwork.

These relationships are becoming the thing which sets firms apart so ensuring your employees are free from the restraints of administration is essential.

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