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Everything you need to know about CaseWare’s client conferences

The financial world is changing fast, with global and European legislation modifications impacting the day-to-day work of accountants more than ever. Accountants are not only having to deal with continuously evolving financial reporting regulations but also the challenges that all contemporary businesses are facing regarding data security and modernisation.

While challenges may seem daunting on the surface, they can also open up new business opportunities for accountants. Accountants need to ensure they are fully utilising existing software to make the most of the opportunities that arise from these challenges, in order to streamline existing processes and explore new revenue options.

To help support clients through the latest legislative changes, including IFRS, CaseWare hosted two customer conferences, one in London on 20 June and the other in Dublin on 11 July.

What does the future look like for CaseWare’s software?

At the conferences, regular CaseWare software users were able to meet the client services team to discover what lies ahead in CaseWare’s product roadmap.

In a range of sessions throughout the day, the conferences provided a chance to learn about recent product updates and enhancements and how they can help accountants boost the efficiency and productivity of the team.

A number of product updates were revealed and discussed at the event, including a preview of AuditAdvanced18 and the new features available, the roadmap for AccountsAdvanced, Corporation Tax and Smart Engagement accounts. Also not to be missed was a preview of the upcoming Cloud Audit product which will further streamline and boost the efficiency of the audit process.

Which workshops were available?

 Throughout the conference in London there were multiple sessions taking place, enabling attendees to tailor the day to their specific interests and business requirements.

With new products and updates in progress, the workshop sessions offered training on new features, such as the roundings capability and new notebuilder available within the AccountsAdvanced template,

CaseWare’s Client Services Director and product lead also demonstrated products including CaseWare’s Point & Click Analytics tool and the IFRS template in AccountsAdvanced.

CaseWare’s Point & Click Analytics product is a powerful data analysis and audit support tool that identifies anomalies and potentially fraudulent activity at the transactional level. By interrogating, verifying and reviewing data, this tool brings intelligent automation and audit efficiency together.

The IFRS template can offer the same level of automation clients currently have for reporting under FRS 101 and FRS 102. The template enables larger businesses to complete full EU-adopted IFRS reporting and for SMEs to create consolidated or single entity IFRS reports.

As well as covering future technology and the CaseWare Cloud product, the provided CaseWare users with the opportunity to network and exchange insight.