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CaseWare UK Welcomes CaseWare IDEA to the Team

CaseWare UK

Written by: James Loughlin. Head of Data Analytics

Earlier this year, it was announced that Hg Capital would be making a strategic investment in CaseWare International Inc. to support strategic change and accelerate the growth of its world-class Cloud and Desktop solutions. One of those changes, here in the UK, being to combine the businesses of CaseWare UK Ltd (CWUK) and AuditWare Systems Ltd (AuditWare) to bring all of the CaseWare International product portfolio together in one place.
Where CWUK has been the reseller of the CaseWare Suite of Accounts Production and Audit solutions, AuditWare has been the reseller of the CaseWare Data Analytic products – specifically CaseWare IDEA, and the merging of these products and teams demonstrates an even stronger capacity to provide customers with solutions that enable them to raise efficiency, quality, and value in their work.

Data Analytics
For those not already familiar with CaseWare IDEA, its origins trace back to the Canadian Institute of Chartered Accountants, where it was developed as an in-house data analytics tool. It was later purchased by CaseWare, who continued to build on the capabilities and innovations that the software was already known for.
Through its journey, the ethos of the software has always remained the same - to enable both the non-technical and technical user access to Data Analytic functionalities. These functionalities enhance the quality of their audits and allow them to work through conventional and advanced techniques, without needing to be advanced spreadsheet users or data scientists. Where simple tasks may require complex formulas in spreadsheets, IDEA offers push-button functionality to those users who understand the datasets and are better placed to interrogate them.
IDEA is not the only Data Analytics software that CaseWare have developed either. Embracing new technologies and methodologies, our customers now have access to AnalyticsAI - a powerful solution integrated into CaseWare Cloud which, again, demonstrates CaseWare’s drive to innovate and deliver powerful and insightful solutions in a single eco-system.

Meet the Team
With the coming together of CWUK and AuditWare, the combined offerings and skilled teams can only be of benefit to you (our customers) as you continue to navigate the sometimes complex and ever-changing volumes of information and regulations that your own customers/organisations operate with and within.
Joining CWUK from AuditWare are:

Ricky Mahay
Ricky has joined CaseWare after starting at AuditWare during 2009. Over those 12 years, his time has been split between Sales and Marketing. Ricky was responsible for the successful running of both functions and setting overall strategies for customer retention, new business wins, and revenue growth. This role expanded into leading and inspiring a team of Sales and Marketing professionals to achieve individual sales targets and key performance indicators, the development and implementation of the annual Marketing Plan, and embedding sales & marketing principles across the organisation.

In his free time, Ricky enjoys running, going to the gym and lazy days in the sun!

Bevan Walsh
Bevan joined CaseWare in June after working at AuditWare for 10.5 years. Bevan was a company director and Business Account Manager at AuditWare. As a company director, he helped and assisted the Managing Director with numerous tasks and the day-to-day running of the business. As a Business Account Manager, he looked at 200+ customers on a day-to-day basis for everything they need to help them get the most out of their IDEA software, as well as keeping them happy and renewed every year.  

Bevan loves travelling, going out for meals with friends and family and watching football and rugby.

Jon Rolph
Jon originally joined AuditWare in August 2016 and was responsible for the day-to-day execution of the company’s marketing plan. Being interested in learning about every facet of the company and product, this role rapidly expanded to include a number of additional responsibilities, both within and outside of the marketing function.
In his free-time, Jon likes to game, cook, and enjoys expressing his artistic side.

James Loughlin
James is an experienced Business and Data Analyst who joined AuditWare in 2009, supporting both the sales and technical sides of the business.
As a software trainer and technical consultant, James brought to the company a raft of Business Process and Data Analytics/Business Intelligence experience who has provided training and consultancy services to customers in a variety of sectors both Public and Private.
Heading up the technical and training area of AuditWare, James steered the changes of direction and methodologies in CAATS education and services and helped the company expand into other areas (such as Continuous Auditing and Monitoring).
James is a self-confessed lifetime learner who likes to spend time with his family and friends and travel. His hobbies include photography, listening to music, long walks in the country, and following motorsport (primarily F1).

Simon Rust
Simon has a background and lifetime in the technical side of I.T. and was recruited by AuditWare to provide technical support for IDEA and to share his skills in writing code and to create automated solutions for customers. He provided assistance to customers and colleagues in whatever form is necessary to resolve any problems they have, both technical and usage.
Simon has young grandchildren, dabbles in skiing and sailing, likes roof-down motoring and real ale.

Tobi Akiode
Tobi Akiode has an Honours Bachelor’s degree in Economics with a lifelong interest in Poverty and Development. He has worked in a range of sectors for over 15 years, gaining experience in Auditing (Finance and Compliance), Research (Products and Markets), Business Analysis and Consulting, Project Management, Human Resources and Management in Third-Sector Organisations. As a Senior Technical and Training Consultant (IDEA), Tobi is passionate about advancing data analysis knowledge and understanding to improve business processes.
Tobi enjoys spending time with family, building his brand, making music, doing charitable works, and speaking engagements outside of the office.

Nicola Hart
Nicola has over 30 years’ experience in the Finance sector, covering a range of disciplines. During her time at AuditWare, Nicola was the Office and Accounts Manager. She was responsible for the main day-to-day operations of the company and key support to the management team.
Nicola enjoys time with her family (children and grandchildren) and, with any time left, Nicola likes to spend it walking in the countryside and visiting places of interest and National Trust properties.

Some of the IDEA team will be attending/speaking at our conference in October and look forward to meeting the attendees. If you have any questions and want to pick their brains about Audit Analytics or Data Analytics in general, then don’t hesitate to ask to speak to them and they will be happy to help.