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Developer Graduate Placement at Caseware

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Written by Sanjay Jacob, Graduate on placement, Caseware UK 

"Working at Caseware has given me an opportunity and experience in becoming a better developer along with improving my time management as well as my teamwork skills. Working with the development team showed me different views on programming and helped me expand my knowledge on languages such as JavaScript and Angular. Since the day I began my placement year, my colleagues have been very supportive, helped me adapt to Caseware’s working environment quickly and always ready to organise calls to assist in any issue I was facing. Coding standards and building a well-structured code is another concept that I have benefited from my time at Caseware.

I started of my placement by working on tax forms using JavaScript and a software tool called formbuilder (which creates forms on a webpage rather than coding it manually) on Caseware’s cloud platform. Even though it was my first professional development environment, with the assistance of my senior colleagues, I was able to adhere to Caseware’s development style and standards. About a month into my placement, I moved over to AQA, the quality assurance side of Caseware, and working for the AQA was an interesting new experience for me. I had learnt new skills and worked on testing tools such as Gherkin. Even though AQA was an unfamiliar ground for me, the team has shown their support, and guided me so that I could understand the full implementation of automated testing.

 Whenever in need, the development team organized calls to do demos and reviews on the code that we have been working on for the last couple of weeks. I really enjoyed partaking in these development activities, and I found it extremely helpful in expanding as well as understanding different perspectives in approaching the particular task which would also help me refactor my code into a more refined one.

Overall, I really enjoyed my time working for Caseware. It was completely a new experience in a professional working environment. Some of the key aspects that I had looked forward to gain from my time as a placement student was to be more productive, able to manage my time, to utilize opportunities and to venture out of my comfort zone. Caseware really helped me to achieve this in a greater extent to what I have expected and to become a better developer. If you are passionate developer like me and are looking forward to becoming to skilled programmer, Caseware definitely would be the right place for you."