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My Time at CaseWare

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Daniel is halfway through his undergraduate placement at CaseWare, where he is working in the Development team, putting his BSc Computing studies into practice. See what Daniel has to say about his time at CaseWare below:

“From the first day I felt at home. I was welcomed into a very friendly and approachable team who are always happy to answer questions and to teach new development methods, skills and techniques which aren’t taught within university. I have worked mainly using JavaScript creating tax forms, XML containers and PDF overlays for the CaseWare cloud platform and had an opportunity to work with Angular/Typescript, XML, and writing tests (Jasmine/Karma/Protractor).   

“Throughout my time I have massively improved my development skills learning a lot of new things I didn’t realise you could do. I have also really enjoyed participating in many different development activities including code reviews, daily standups and sprint planning /developer meetings. I have also enjoyed using Azure DevOps and working with the QA department to track, fix and resolve bugs within the projects. 

“To summarise my experience at CaseWare I would say it has been fantastic. The company is great, with staff who are always happy to help. You feel appreciated when you finish work which is really rewarding. You will also have an abundance of opportunities to learn loads of great transferable technical and soft skills to make you a better developer. If you enjoy challenges, hard work, teamwork, programming and problem solving then CaseWare is the company for you.”