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Undergraduate Placement at CaseWare

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BSc Computing student Daniel has just completed an excellent placement year at CaseWare, where he fit in extremely well within the company. Over the past year, Daniel has put his studies to excellent use in our Development team, assisting with the delivery of many projects, earning himself the full 10% towards his degree for his placement.

Toby Wiltshire, Cloud Development Manager and Mentor to Daniel during his time at CaseWare says 'We are extremely happy with the work Daniel completed.  Achieving full marks in a placement is very rare; it was truly deserved given the hard work and dedication Daniel showed during his time with us. He will be sorely missed, and I wish him the very best for his final year.'

To find out how Daniel found the first half of his placement year with us at CaseWare, click here.

Below, Daniel gives us an insight into his placement year: 

"The final 6 months were packed full of new opportunities to further expand my development experience and grow as a developer. I made the most of my final months here by completing as much work as I possibly could, learning from the team wherever I could. My goal was to take as much as I could away from the year and the work I was doing, this allowed me to gain a lot of transferable development skills. All the extra hard work I put in paid off and will help massively with my final year of university and my career progression within the development industry.

The year as a whole was very exciting. It allowed me to see the projects entire lifecycle, from its infancy all the way up to its beta release. I became a very proactive contributor to the team and the projects as a whole, it felt very rewarding. It was great working within the Cloud team, everyone is always friendly and happy to help.  It is very easy to work within this team which made my whole experience so much better.

Working from home has been a positive experience and suited my working style, I could start work very early and get more work done and then workout during the lunch break, the flexi-time is great at CaseWare!

I spent a lot of time doing other projects whilst contributing to the main product. These included working with the automated testing team using an abundance of different technologies such as Cucumber, Jasmine, Ghost inspector & Jenkins. This was a nice addition to my placement year.

My experience at CaseWare exposed me to a lot of different development areas not covered at university.  The year has been an extremely successful and positive experience, I loved working with amazing people."

We'd like to wish Daniel all the best for the rest of his degree and for his future career plans.